What Do Oil Jobs Involve?

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Oil jobs are not only interesting and professionally rewarding, but very well paid as well: however, an offshore oil rig job involves tough physical labor, and every oil professional must be aware of this before starting to work. One of the aspects that makes the oil rig job so sought-after is the fact that it seldom requires any experience or background in the field: while it is true that this is not the cleanest or the fanciest job, it is surely very rewarding for those who want to advance and to pursue a lucrative career in the oil industry.

A job on the drilling rig is the dream of many people these days, and even though this is dirty work that involves a lot of effort, both men and women seem to be interested in the position. Entry level oil rig jobs are by far the most popular ones these days, mainly because they require no formal education and even those with little to no experience can get a job.

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Estimated Salaries For Different Oil Jobs

To put it simple, the salary of an oil worker varies greatly based on the position he has on the oil rig. For instance, a certified welder who deals with hard metal work can earn up to $65,000 a year, a scaffolder can earn over $55,000 a year while a regular maintenance
roustabout should expect to earn anywhere between $30,000 and $50,000 a year, depending on his tasks and performances.

A Closer Look At The Different Oil Jobs And Their Description

Just like it happens with the salaries, the job description also varies greatly from one position to another. The drill crew is usually the best paid, and it involves an assistant driller, a derrickman and a roughneck: their salaries can easily exceed $70,000 a year. The roughneck is the one who deals with hard manual labor, and the term can refer to the driller, the toolpusher or the motorman. The derrickman, on the other hand, reports directly to the driller and he is responsible for controlling the mud pumps and for monitoring the mud level.

Oil drillers deal with connecting drill pipes, using hand tools, repairing or replacing defective parts of the drill rigs, changing air compressors, cleaning the cables and the oil pulleys, adjusting the machinery or using special tools to recover drill pipes from wells and casings.

The deck crew, on the other hand, is just as important and it is usually made from a crane operator who operates the crane and supervises the roustabouts, and his assistant who is usually an experienced roustabout who helps the main crane operator handle the crane and perform all the related tasks.

On the other hand, the members of the catering crew are also extremely important for the success of the oil drilling. This crew involves cooks, bakers and stewards, and their salaries can slightly vary from one rig to another. However, the catering crew is at least as well paid as the oil workers.

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41 comments on “What Do Oil Jobs Involve?

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