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Wichita Falls Texas oil worker in yellow helmetOil jobs are not only fascinating and professionally rewarding, but very well paid as well: however, an offshore oil rig job involves tough physical labor, and every oil professional must be aware of this before starting to work. One of the most notable aspects related to the oil industry is that inexperienced Wichita Falls Texas workers can also apply for a position without worrying about the lack of expertise or background in the field: getting an oil job has never been easier.

Not only men, but also women seem to be interested in oil jobs, given the fact that they are so rewarding. In addition to this, not only inexperienced workers but also those without formal education can apply for an oil job.

Top Oil Jobs In Wichita Falls TX

Available Oil Jobs

A Closer Look At Different Oil Jobs And Their Salary Range

The salary range varies greatly on an oil rig, based on the responsibilities, education and position of every oil worker: and for a good reason!. For instance, a certified welder who deals with hard metal work can earn up to $65.000 a year, a scaffolder can earn over $55,000 a year while a regular maintenance roustabout should expect to earn anywhere between $30,000 and $50,000 a year, depending on his tasks and performances.

A Closer Look At The Different Oil Jobs And Their Description

Just like it happens with the salaries, the job description also varies greatly from one position to another. For instance, every oil rig must have an experienced drill crew whose members can earn up to $70,000 a year. The driller and the motorman are two of the most important crew members, as they need to deal with complex and difficult manual tasks. The responsibilities of the derrickman involve closely monitoring the mud level or controlling the mud pumps.

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When it comes to complex job responsibility, perhaps no job is more demanding than the oil driller’s: the Wichita Falls TX oil driller needs to deal with various repairing, replacing, cleaning and maintenance tasks, including recovering drill pipes from wells.

The deck crew also deals with complex tasks, as they need to supervise the roustabouts and to make sure the cranes are operating at their full potential.

Wichita Falls Texas Drilling Rig Worker

Wichita Falls Texas Drilling Rig Worker

The catering crew is equally important as well. Stewards, cooks or bakers are some of the most important members of the catering crew, and they deal with preparing the food for the oil workers. Despite the fact that cooking involves less physical labor, the cooks and the stewards are very well rewarded, from a financial point of view.

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